- Ecodiseño y sus implicaciones en la industria española, redactado por BatteryPlat. LINK.

- Informe de 2019 sobre los Mercados del Almacenamiento Energético, redactado por BatteryPlat. LINK.

- The International Energy Agency (IEA) published their analysis "Innovation in batteries and electricity storage" last month, where patent data of different research fields was compared on a global scale. And if you felt that batteries have become quite a thing, the following numbers will probably not surprise you.
"While a consistently upward trend has been observed since 2000, there has been a notable acceleration [of battery related parents] since 2005, with an annual growth rate of 14% until 2018, compared with just 3.5% on average for all technology areas across the economy." LINK

Critical Raw Materials for Strategic Technologies and Sectors in the EU A Foresight Study. LINK